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Re: Slow Export in PS 25U

  •  01-04-2022, 13:39

    Re: Slow Export in PS 25U

    I have been reading this blog for the last month, and have not seen any solution.

    I have  contacted Corel and  have had a response, one was to update Windows 10 ,which I  thought was automatic, but I had not installed the November update.

    I also got the suggestion that I possibly had corrupted files and a suggestion to get a local hardware expert to look at my system, a system that works well with the previous versions, although it took Corel till November  to fix the slow rendering with PS 24

    Net result export in PS 25 is still slow.


    Here are the results of a 30 sec clip, no effects, transitions corrections, clip original 4K scaled down to 2K 3o p..

      • Exporting in PS 25 75 secs Task manager shows +/- 50 % Pinnacle App
        PS 24 43 secs +/- 90% Pinnacle App
        PS 23 43 secs +/- 90% Pinnacle App



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