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Full screen preview

  •  11-16-2021, 8:06

    Full screen preview

    Hello All - yet again

    I have found that when I've exported a video - doesn't really matter what to, but let's say in MP4 to a flash drive - then play it through on a large TV I find that I havn't corrected video quality as well as I thought I had. So I decided to connect a TV to the HDMI connector on the Graphics card. Windows and Studio see this as a third monitor and can be configured in the preview settings of Control Panel. Good, I thought, but when I selected full screen in the editor window, what displayed on the TV was the currently selected item in the library. It will not play the timeline there. Neither does it display the timeline in the external (second) monitor. Now I've changed it back to the way it was previously, that is, full screen to second monitor and it also now displays the selected item in the library and not the timeline. Moreover, it won't even select full screen on the Application (first) Monitor. In other words, I now have no full screen display. I've tried restarting Studio to no avail.

    Whoops-a-blinkin'-daisy Mate. Any ideas?

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