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Re: Re:PSU 23 on updated Windows 10 - now starts under some accounts, but not on all

  •  11-09-2021, 12:16

    Re: Re:PSU 23 on updated Windows 10 - now starts under some accounts, but not on all

    By that, I guess you mean wiping C: and starting from scratch?  As 'nuclear options' go, that has to be on the list somewhere, but I haven't tried it yet. For me, I suspect it would mean an OEM system recovery to vanilla Win8.1 (I'm not sure the Win License key for my system allows for direct install of Win10) followed directly by an upgrade to vanilla Win10. Since this would wipe out any accounts & other 'state' information on the system, I suspect it would let me then install PSU23 and run it successfully.

    That said, the system is relatively old (8 years or so [but powerful and still very useful - fast I7, lots of memory, SSD]) and has lots of things installed on it, plus lots of 'state' (config settings, etc.) that would be lost if I wiped out everything.  I've been approaching it "from the other end" so to speak - rather than wiping everything out and reinstalling many programs, I've uninstalling some things I no longer use, and deleting or 'masking' unrelated folders under AppData to try to remove them from the picture. If I can find root cause (i.e., the particular folder or DLL or program that's blocking PSU23), my hope is to then be able to restore from a post-Win10-upgrade backup I took earlier, and then just surgically fix the culprit to allow PSU23 to start.  I understand this 'working backwards' approach might not work, though, because uninstalls tend to leave lots of junk around that might still block PSU23.

    Other 'workarounds' I've considered are (a) just reverting to Win8.1 by restoring from a backup, where PSU23 worked fine in all my accounts, or (b) just run PSU23 in another account on Win10. Both of these (esp the latter) are far from ideal, I think.

    In the meantime, I'm going to try to dig a bit more to understand the problem. My optimism is waning, but there's still a bit left.  :-)   I am frustrated how difficult it has been to debug what's going on 'under the hood'.  If I completely run out of non-nuclear ideas, I will probably try wiping C: and reinstalling (Windows, and PSU, and many other things!), as you suggest.

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