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Re: Re:PSU 23 on updated Windows 10 - now starts under some accounts, but not on all

  •  11-08-2021, 22:35

    Re: Re:PSU 23 on updated Windows 10 - now starts under some accounts, but not on all

    I think if it was me I'd do a complete uninstall, clean the registry and reinstall in your main profile from scratch

     I think I've worked my way up to that, using the instructions at https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051201274-Pinnacle-Studio-23-Uninstall-and-Reinstall-Instructions-for-Pinnacle-Studio-23

    - uninstall with control panel
    - remove Pinnacle and Pinnacle_Studio_23 folders from c:\program files, c:\programdata and [all users]\AppData\local
    - clean registry and product registration with http://cdn.pinnaclesys.com/SupportFiles/Studio_23/RegDelete_PS23.exe
    - also uninstall all other levels of PS (I did have a few - PSU21, PSU19 wouldn't start in the main account either [but I didn't know to try them on other accounts before I wiped them out])
    - create a new admin account
    - then reinstall from scratch on the new account (including product download)

    I've done this process a few times over the past days, and it gives me working PSU23 on the new admin account, and it also works on an old 'spare' account, but not on my main working account.

    If I've missed any other critical uninstall steps, I'd be glad to know about them.  Because it works on 2 accounts but not on the main one, I've been paying special attention to anything that would be different between them. For example, there are tons of more subfolders for other installed software under AppData/local, etc.  I've been weeding these out in case they affect PSU23 somehow, but no luck so far.

    As a retired software guy, I've been nosing around 'under the hood' in the programs folder down under PSU23, and I've used ResDebugU.exe found there (obviously not intended for customer use, but I'm getting desperate for any clues) to try to get some debug info from the PSU23 startup.  It shows pretty coarse-grained log messages of various startup steps - all successful for PSU23 startup on my two working accounts, but reporting a couple failures in the log for startup on my failing account: 

    Initializing DesktopNS.DesktopRegistration (X_Desktop.dll)... 551 3 204 2478 158,948
    FAIL (Failed to create a 'ImageSource' from the text 'Pinnacle_App_Logo.png'.) 551 1 205 2478 159,430
     done: result ==> Fail 551 3 206 2478 159,430

    Initializing Avid.NGStudio.EditorComponents.MediaBrowser.MediaBrowserComponentsRegistration (X_MediaBrowserComponents.dll)... 551 3 231 2478 159,518
    FAIL (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.) 551 1 232 2478 159,571
     done: result ==> Fail 551 3 233 2478 159,571

    and ending with

    Initializing Avid.NGStudio.Editors.DVDEditorNS.DVDEditorRegistration (X_DVDEditor.dll)... done: result ==> Retry 551 3 247 2478 159,620
     UNRESOLVABLE DEPENDENCIES -> BRUTE FORCE 551 2 248 2478 159,623
    WARNING! These extenders not successfully initialized: 551 1 249 2478 159,623
     Avid.NGStudio.Editors.DVDEditorNS.DVDEditorRegistration 551 1 250 2478 159,623
    ExtenderManager::Initialize() failed: (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.) 551 0 251 2478 159,625

    So far I haven't had any luck finding root cause from this very sparse info, but I'll keep at it. For example, I was hoping that Pinnacle_App_Logo.png was present in the working accounts but not in the main, but no such luck.  That's probably not the critical issue anyway - the others look more dire to me.  Anyway, any hunches welcome.  :-)

    Out of interest hgow did you do the upgrade from 8 to 10

    I've used the process here https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/still-running-windows-7-time-is-running-out-to-upgrade-to-windows-10-what-to-know/ a number of times on various machines.  It points to the Download Windows 10 website at microsoft.com, and then basically following the instructions there.  Works a treat. 

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