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Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

  •  10-28-2021, 9:06

    Re: Re:Video on Flash Drive

    I have an LG TV and it creates a folder on the flash drive itself that is used to remember where it left off. I assume it also remembers settings for subtitles and so on using that file. As long as I don't delete that folder it will remember all the settings even if I remove it from the TV. If I have multiple movies on the flash drive, the settings for each movie are stored in that file.

    On my flash drive the folder is visible when I insert it into a usb port on my computer. If you can't see it, it might be a hidden folder on the flash drive.

    Using a combination of keystrokes on the LG TV remote, I can move the cursor to any point in a movie and play it from there. I'm not stuck playing it only from the point where I left off. Bought the TV in 2018 so it's not brand new, but it's not ancient either.

    Also, I have to "eject" the flash drive before removing it. The TV is not happy with me if I don't do that first. Tongue Tied. Warns me about data loss, etc.



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