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Re: Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate odd trouble splitting timeline clips

  •  10-22-2021, 3:51

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate odd trouble splitting timeline clips

    I also had the same problem as you did. I was working on a project and all of a sudden nothing worked for me. After thinking for a while I decided to make a new project and everything worked well for me up to now without any problems at all.

    Thank you, R_Vera, for your experience. I have begun to recreate the project as a new file and - so far - it has been working fine.

    I went back to the project backup file (BAK) for the project file that was not working, but it too does not work. The problem with corruption is how do you know when it happens? If it is not noticed right away even the backup file will contain the errors, and even my own external backups will keep backing up the bad file. It is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me in all the years I have been using Studio, so I am very happy about that. Hopefully, it is the only time.

    If this was a large project I think the problem would still be contained to a relatively small project file for me since each of my large projects are made up of several smaller projects... so that is a good thing. 

    Still, it would be nice if there was a "project file integrity tool" that could give us all some indication that something is not right with a project file so it can be addressed early on and the BAK file saved off to the side. My guess is that the reason for the existence project backup file (BAK) methodology is a sort of "poor man's" way of addressing that issue. But still, if I were King, I would make a tool that would check file integrity. Ha!

    Thank you, again, for your response.


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