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Re: Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate odd trouble splitting timeline clips

  •  10-21-2021, 10:03

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate odd trouble splitting timeline clips

    After a little testing, Tony, I can give some helpful clues. You, Yann, and JJN all have good ideas about these things. The Reset did not solve the problem. I did a Repair (from the PS25U installer) but that did not solve the problem either. PS20U has been the version that I have been using for my production work, so this small PS25U project is for me to test the new software. Just for fun, I used PS20U to pull up the PS25U project file and, outside of the fact that the Basic Color effect that I used on the two video clips was not backwardly compatible, the splitting of the MTS, WAV, and MOV clips worked perfectly in PS20 with both the Razor tool and the "N" shortcut key. Now, back to PS25U, sometimes the MOV track will not split, and sometimes the MTS track will not split. Both have the Basic Color effect applied. There seems to be enough "quirkiness and "randomness" to this problem that I have to believe that it is either a bug in PS25U, or some kind of corruption in the project file caused by the use of the Basic Color effect.

    I hope this narrative is not overly complex, but here is my workflow on this and other projects:
    1. Place MTS file on track 1
    2. Place MOV file on track 2
    3. Place WAV file on track 3
    4. The audio that will ultimately be used is only the WAV, but I first sync up all the tracks using their audio before turning off the MTS and MOV audio (although in PS25 I cannot hear the MTS audio due to copyright issues, so I do my best to sync).
    Add any effects to the video tracks that they need (in this case the Basic Color effect added to the MTS and MOV files).
    5. Then I parse the tracks (by splitting them) to arrive at the final timeline series of clips.
    6. In this case I needed to adjust some of the individual timeline scene Color effects to correct for changing light conditions.
    7. Finally, I export everything to (usually) an MP4 video file. 

    So, that's the workflow. A week later, when I came back to make a couple of small tweaks to a timeline scene, is when I discovered that I was unable to split the clips (sometimes the MTS and sometimes the MOV). I lean toward ruling out any project file corruption since the project file timeline can be perfectly split when loaded backwardly in PS20U (except for the Color effect settings). My guess is that somewhere between version 20 and version 25 that methods of video file handling have been changed, or that in PS25 there is a bug involving video files and the Basic Color effect. However, if I delete the Color effect and attempt a split, it still does not work

    Having said all of this, I have not been able to recreate the problem in a new project. I can go through my workflow in a new project and all seems to be well, except I haven't come back to the new project after a couple of days. Based on this, my thinking also leans toward some kind of project file corruption. As can be seen, I am running Windows 7, 64-bit and do not have a Windows 10 machine to test PS on. Maybe there is something to that. Also, Halloween is coming and maybe - just maybe - it has something to do with that. Ha!

    Pinnacle may be able to make some sense of all of this in case it points to a bug in PS25U. I am glad to answer any questions anyone has since it is such a weird event.

    I will continue testing to see if I can narrow things down a bit better. 

    Thanks for your help!


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