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Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate odd trouble splitting timeline clips

  •  10-20-2021, 23:11

    Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate odd trouble splitting timeline clips

    It is kind of odd. I have a small (4 minute) video as a movie project and when I first set it up in PS25U I had no problem using the Razor tool to split clips on the timeline... just as I have thousands of times in previous versions of Pinnacle. I came back to the project about a week later and was unable to use the Razor tool (or any other method) to split clips. That was a little disappointing. There are 3 tracks, an MTS video clip on one, an MOV clip on another, and a WAV clips on the 3rd track. This is the same kind of method I have used for years with these files, so I have to believe that it is some kind of bug in PS25U.

    One workaround was to recreate the various scenes, which was difficult because the sound needed to be synced on all three tracks... not a practical option. In fact, that method only worked some of the time. The common Control Panel settings are the same in PS25 as they are in PS20, and deleting the render files from their folder does not help.

    So, before I go nuts, I thought I'd ask the experts... all of you. Any ideas? My computer system and configuration is the same as it has been for the past 5 years (see my profile). Hopefully it is something obvious I'm missing, so I'm counting on all of you to have some helpful suggestions. 

    Thank you in advance!


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