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Re: Re:Apply Same Edits to Multiple Clips

  •  09-30-2021, 16:32

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    Re: Re:Apply Same Edits to Multiple Clips

    Hi Saby,

    I am approaching picture lock for this large project and intend to upgrade to PS 25 soon, specifically for audio correction. 

    Please reconfirm that with PS 25 I will be able to copy Equalizer settings (in Corrections) and then paste them clip to clip. 

    This will most often be LoCut and similar corrections. 

     I have hundreds of such clips and the ability to add preset corrections is the only reason to upgrade. Otherwise PS 23 has worked well in dealing with 420 gigabytes of source files.

    Also: when upgrading, how best to back up my current project to protect against disaster?

    (I currently save copies of PS .movie files externally, as backups. 








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