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Re: PS 25 U Pan & Zoom

  •  09-23-2021, 9:46

    Re: PS 25 U Pan & Zoom

    Bertil L:

    I've been running Pinnacle Studio since version 8 and in August 2021 I upgraded from 24 to 25. 

    In PS 25 U the Pan & Zoom function and display isn't looking as it has been earlier and the clip is displayed smaller than the the white, green and red frames.

    I have made two short clips of how it looks and functions in PS 24 U and PS 25 U so you'll see the difference. They are unlisted on my YouTube channel.

    PS 25 U https://youtu.be/bgyuOAuynbc

    PS 24 U https://youtu.be/R-EHdum_2Qk

    I have installed PS 25 U on three different computers where one has never had any version of PS installed earlier and I get the same problem on all three.

    I've been in contact with Corel support for over three weeks and they haven't been able to solve this despite several different attempts.

    Has anyone else got the same problem in PS 25 U?


    Yeah seeing that here as well

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