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Re: Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

  •  09-09-2021, 15:12

    Re: Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    That helped. Using the 1200dpi photo reduced to 8-bit depth I was able to see the image in P&Z. Unfortunately it was scenario #2, where it does not show the entire picture. I have an old release of Avid Studio. I will see what he can do. Can't try it now because it says I have to reinstall the product after an OS upgrade.

    Ahhh... I have HitFilm 3 PRO, and this has absolutely no issue working with this photo, and does so very quickly!  I played with Transform there, and it seemed to do it. I just have to remember how to operate this program instead. I can then export a 4K MP4 and then bring that into my PS25 project. In this way, PS25 doesn't have to do anything hard or taxing.

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