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Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

  •  09-09-2021, 8:18

    Pan and Zoom Photo issues with large images

    I see this happening in PS25, but this has been a problem through all previous releases.

    Most often we can animate a pan and zoom for most photos for an amazing effect.

    I have a large photo that I scanned in at various dpi and sizes (huge group photo at the Sturgis Rally), and want to zoom in and pan between friends in the photo. Various levels of success/failure depending on the photo chosen:

    • 12012 x 9588 24-bit depth, 1200 dpi - Pan and zoom will not even show the image or preview
    • 6006 x 4794 24-bit depth, 600 dpi - Pan and zoom shows only a portion of the photo
    • Most other images work fine

    I am running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 975  @ 3.33GHz with 12 GB RAM installed. Attempting to work with the largest image eventually causes "System low on memory" warnings.

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