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Seeking Faster Rendering--Gear Inquiry

  •  09-07-2021, 19:35

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    Seeking Faster Rendering--Gear Inquiry

    Pinn Studio 23.2.297 (64 bit)

    Computer is Asus M11AD-0060, USB 3, i7, HD Graphics 4600 (June 2013)

    I am starting a long project which will have hundreds of clips, most of them GoPro MPEG 4 shot at 1080p and 60fps.

    Rendering and processing time is adequate  but far from speedy. Some questions:

    1. I am linking to clips on an external hard drive USC 3 rated up tp 140 Mb/sec.  Would a faster drive make a big difference in editing and rendering?

    2. My HD Graphics 4600 is "aimed at office use." Would a faster card make a substantial difference in rendering?

    3. My Pinn settings are "Floating Preview: OFF, "Opt Threshold" 100 Agressive, :Render While Play" Automatic. Sound right? 

    My workflow is to make many short sections, then paste them together eventually, which keeps most project files shorter than 10 minutes. But when so many many clips get manipulated in post, things slow down a good deal. I may just be pushing Pinnacle 23 to the limit. 

    My YouTube channel has about 50K subscribers, and I've always used Pinnacle Studio.  Suggestions for upgraded equipment or setting appreciated.  


    Typical video: https://youtu.be/z5m9yT06Khg 



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