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Re: Studio 25 Ultimate - How does it perform?

  •  09-03-2021, 8:26

    Re: Studio 25 Ultimate - How does it perform?

    I've been watching the forums for user reviews of the recently released Studio 25 Ultimate, but haven't seen too many posts. I have been very frustrated with Studio 24 performance and use S23 instead.  For S25 users, how does it perform? Timeline playback, rendering speeds, lock-ups, etc.  Thanks for any inputs as I ponder whether to upgrade to S25. 

    I bought it, but haven't used it much except on a very short (and simple) music video of a High School class reunion. I am coming from PS20U, so PS25U seems a little more power hungry on the editing interface. By that, I mean it is a little "jerkier" when I do fine editing, although I haven't had time to play with the control panel settings. I do have the "Optimization Threshold" set to 20, and the "render while playing" set to OFF.  After editing a while (maybe an hour along with some project "saves") it will lock up. That wasn't unusual for me in PS20... it just threw me out. In PS25 it seems to just freeze.

    When using the Pan/Zoom feature with keyframes I notice that PS25 has some funky thing going on when, for example, starting in the lower/center part of a wide shot of people, zooming in on the people on the left, panning to the right across the crowd, then returning to the lower/center position. The feature swings out to the left of the pictures edge on the left and swings out past the pictures edge on the right before returning to the ending point. For me that is unusable. But, the workaround was to place the picture 3 times on the timeline, then do the zoom/panning step on each of the three segments. Not too handy, but it works.

    Placing (and finding) resources in the Library seemed a little clunky (not real intuitive) for me. When importing it doesn't seem real clear where these resources will end up... as a link or copied into the library. That problem may just be with my not understanding the interface well yet, however.

    Rendering speed seems to be just fine for what I used it for.

    That's about all I know from my experience.


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