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Re: Re:MultiCam Install Failure

  •  09-01-2021, 7:53

    Re: Re:MultiCam Install Failure

    Okay, I did reinstall over the old program without uninstalling.  Did not help.  Thanks.


    You could try the following as a workaround: Open MultiCam Light by clicking the program shortcut (to avoid possible conflicts in your case, keep Pinnacle Studio closed). Select your capture sources, make sure you have ticked both 'Video Files' and 'Pinnacle Studio Project' boxes under 'Save As' and make a note of the folder where the files are saved to. Once you have finished your recording, go to the folder with the saved files and, after you have closed MC and opened PS, drag & drop the .mcam file into the Library and drag it to the timeline.

    This, of course, will only work if MultiCam opens at all....  

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