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Help wanted please for DVD project

  •  07-28-2021, 3:17

    Help wanted please for DVD project

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to do the following please?

    I want to have three sections of video on a disc that will each repeat.

    So when playing the first clip, it will show the first scene and repeat (hopefully without any pauses at the repeat point)

    When I want the next scene (2) I want to be able to press the next chapter button on the remote and it goes straight to the next scene which will repeat (as above)

    The same with scene 3 and then that is the final scene so there will be no more need to select the next chapter.

    The first scene for example will continually show a window with a sunny sky and repeat, the next scene the same window with rain and repeat  and the last scene will just repeat.

    Any help would be great - thanks

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