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Re: Even church bells can have stories

  •  06-28-2021, 22:30

    Re: Even church bells can have stories

    I have updated the video using all of your (Tony & Hilltops) advice in most places. The Gigapixel AI tool really helped clean up some areas and allowed zoom-in to go a little further and clearer. Most zooms are constant speed now, and maybe with some slow-down at the end (sometimes transitions look a little funky from one pan-zoom clip to another unless one of them is stationary at the end). Overall, I think each scene in the video tells a better story, thanks to your advice, that adds to the whole. I even added some drone footage of our church that I made a few years ago.


    Thank you for your help, and I hope this version is a better one. HERE IS THE LINK, or https://vimeo.com/548074534/ec9c70c3b9



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