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Re: Even church bells can have stories

  •  06-25-2021, 10:00

    Re: Even church bells can have stories


    The link to the video is the same as before, but HERE IT IS for convenience, or https://vimeo.com/548074534/ec9c70c3b9.

    As you replaced the first version with the second, unfortunately the changes cannot be compared but I still like it. 


    I agree that the pan-zoom should be functional and the speed, in most cases, be steady in this type of documentary.


    I further noticed that some of the zooms stopped earlier that I would have expected, probably because of the poor resolution of some of the images. Out of curiosity: have you tried to blow up some of those images (eg, by using Topaz Lab's Gigapixel AI)? 


    Thank you, Hilltops, for your feedback. I agree that the motion speed should be more constant in this video version. It was more that way in the original version (HERE), so I will make modifications making the motion more constant. You are exactly right that some zooms stopped early because of the poor resolution. Sometimes poor resolution is acceptable, but I try not to use that style if possible. I had not thought of your suggestion to use a tool like "Gigapixel AI". Thank you for that... and now I will experiment to see if I can find some more pixels with it!


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