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Re: Audio gets out of Sync after exporting

  •  06-17-2021, 16:00

    Re: Audio gets out of Sync after exporting

    I've seen something similar on PSU23.

     Have you tried exporting only a portion - eg the first quarter of the video, or around the part where you first notice the sync issues?  If you export just a problematic section, is it ok then?

    The only way I've been able to work around the sync problems on PSU23 is to use mark-in/mark-out to export the project in 2 or 3 pieces.  Then rejoin them with MP4 Joiner (3rd party free tool.)

    Terrible hack / workaround, but at least it gets me to the video I want in the end.  Hoping that it gets fixed sometime (although I've heard it happens in 24U as well.)  Didn't happen in PSU22 ! 

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