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Re: 24 ultimate - audio out of sync on export

  •  06-13-2021, 12:44

    Re: 24 ultimate - audio out of sync on export

    I'm glad you've found a solution  I had "the same thing" happen on P23 ultimate.  Video/audio were synced in editor preview, but badly out of whack near the end of the exported mp4 (~20 mins).  At the beginning was fine. BTW, I don't mean a bit of lag between audio and video, but audio from at least outside of the timeline window of the current clip, if not another clip altogether.  Also, I happen to have a couple of audio tracks, and the flow between them breaks as well (ie, a piece of audio not playing when it should, and coming up many seconds later.)

    Edit: I should add, it's not a gradual slip either.  It appears to be perfectly fine for a while, and goes off the rail later on when things get a bit more complex (multi video and audio tracks, time remapping, etc.) 

    Source video is from a Sony action camera (fixed frame rate, 59.94fps) and a samsung cell phone (fixed frame rate, 30fps).   Export is 29.97fps.

    Once I tried mark-in export of the last half of the video, the sync was fine.  So I exported the first half, then the second half, and glued them together with a 3rd party tool.  Horrible, brute-force workaround, but it did the trick.

    (I've tried other hacks - restart Studio before export (I've needed that for other problems in the past), re-render the whole project, etc., but nothing has been able to fix / workaround the sync problem except for exporting in chunks.)  

    Now it's happened again, on another project that I'm regenerating on P23, where there were no problems on P22.  So I suspect that this was a bug injected in P23.  I've had to resort to the mark-in/mark-out exports + gluing again to get around the problem.

    I'm up to date on P23 levels, but I may try uninstall / reinstall, since that seemed to help you.  But TBH I'm not optimistic.

    If you run into this again (hopefully not) and if it has a similar symptom (sync is ok at start, and appears / develops during the course of the video) you might want to try just exporting the problematic area, and see if that avoids the problem.

    Good luck! 

     ps - you mention occasional weird static - I've had that happen to, related to clips where I do time remapping as part of a large project.  I could write another wholeseparate post on struggles with time remapping, but I've found the only sure-fire way around issues there is to export just the remapped clip at the speed & settings I want, and then re-import the result, and replace the on-the-fly time remapping with the exported clip.  Renders faster (especially if the TR was speeding up a bunch of video), and seems to avoid most of the glitches I've run into when I'm using TR in a large project. 

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