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Re: PS24 Ult and 5.1 PCM Sound Problem

  •  05-20-2021, 6:06

    Re: PS24 Ult and 5.1 PCM Sound Problem

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    I have had several emails from Corel Support, but there are two that I don't understand.  I have added screen shots below.

    The first email tells me that 5.1 audio is not supported in Pinnacle Studio 24.  But there is a feature for writing to Blu-ray in 5.1 PCM so how do you do that if 5.1 audio is not supported?

    The second email tells me that it does not support HDMI.  I cannot see the relevance of this to Video Editing Software.

    I am not making fun of anyone for whom English is not their first language, but I cannot track statements that are not logical. 

    As a result of all this I am going to abandon the use of PS24 for creating 5.1 Blu-ray discs.  It will create 5.1 Dolby Surround mp4 files, and if I want to make a disc I can make one using Nero 17 which uses 5.1 Dolby for the audio on the BD and plays back perfectly on my new audio system.

    Here are the first screen shot



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