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Re: 24 ultimate - audio out of sync on export

  •  05-12-2021, 19:14

    Re: 24 ultimate - audio out of sync on export

    I am reluctant to try to convert the original video to constant framerate with handbrake and swap the name of the output to match the originals because of how much work it would be, and because I don't think it will work based on something similar I tried.  Also, I think it would destroy my current project. 

    I use a number of subprojects and exported those, converted them to constant frame rate with Handbrake, and swapped in these clips for the original subproject media. when I first did this, I neglected to click the "constant frame rate" setting in handbrake, so I had to rerun them all.  I then tried your trick of swapping to the original name (which I have used in unrelated document management software). It didn't work in Pinnacle.  Pinnacle recognized that the files had been moved and it required re-linking to them.  And the result did not prevent the audio from drifting out of synch over time. 

    I  then ran the entire exported video through handbrake to convert to constant framerate and imported the output from handbrake into Pinnacle, separated the audio track, manually resynched several times and exported again.  The audio in that file also drifts out of synch over time. .  

     Any other ideas? Doing some web searching I see that lots of people have had problems keeping audio in synch, but I'm not finding a solution. 

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