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PS24 Ult and 5.1 PCM Sound Problem

  •  05-08-2021, 7:32

    PS24 Ult and 5.1 PCM Sound Problem

    I recently upgraded my surround amplifier to eliminate optical connections and move on to a totally HDMI connected system.  Before purchase, I checked with the manufacturer that it would be compatible with 5.1 channel Linear PCM so that I could make use of this feature in PS24 which as we know does not output surround sound to a disc in Dolby Digital 5.1 format.  I used a BBC test card file which sends sound in sequence to each of the 6 channels, imported it into PS24 and without any editing used the Legacy Authoring mode to burn a Blu-ray disc (I found that MyDVD always defaults the sound to 2 channels only).  The output audio encoding was set to “PCM 5.1-Channel”.

    The BDMV folder of the created BD was checked with MediaInfo which said that the audio was “6 channels PCM”.
      When I play the disc on my Blu-ray player into the new amplifier, the latter indicates that it is receiving Multi Channel (as opposed to Dolby or DTS) and shows an icon saying that all six channels are active.  It also states that all 6 speakers are active.  However the sound does not perform as a surround sound.  There is nothing from the rear speakers, the sound for them comes out of the front, the centre channel does not sound right, and there is no LFE sound on the subwoofer.  It seems to me that although PS24 is outputting a 6 channel file, the information for each of the speakers is not correct, so the surround effect is lost.

    I have tried changing the settings in Edit mode for the panner but cannot find any setting which allows the final sound to be 5.1 surround.
      I have tried a different Blu-ray player with the same result.  The new amplifier works fine on Dolby and DTS surround, giving the same information about the 6 channels as for PCM, so I am assuming there is not a fault in that, but I cannot prove it as I do not have anything else that is capable of playing Linear PCM.  I also do not have any other software capable of making 5.1 LPCM (my version of Nero does offer LPCM but it is only 2 channel).

    Instead of burning a disc, I then used PS24 to make an mp4 file (Legacy Mode or this Disabled, it does not matter which) with the audio setting “Multichannel 5.1”,  MediaInfo showed it to be “6 channels AC-3 (Dolby Digital)”. I am rather surprised by this because I was under the impression that PS24 does not support 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound.
      If I send this to the amplifier from a USB socket on the TV using the eARC connection then it all plays as it should.

    Am I missing something?
      Is there a setting in PS24 that will resolve this problem?  If not, then I would appreciate any advice you could give on how to use the mp4 file to burn a Blu-ray disc in BDMV format in a way that the 5.1 channel support is retained.

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