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Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate performance woes

  •  04-23-2021, 15:33

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate performance woes

    Hi YIMBEE,

     Unfortunately, creating offline proxy files doesn't occur automatically in the background within Pinnacle Studio 24. I hope this feature will be incorporated in a future version. I find that using proxy files makes my editing experience with Pinnacle smooth and successful regardless of version or patch, including the current one. I use the free video utility "Handbrake" to create the lower resolution files and it does so fairly quickly, especially when using hardware acceleration. Make sure you match the frame rate of your original and that the rate is constant. You can have Handbrake name these files exactly the same as your original footage and save them all into a folder on their own. Edit your project using the lower resolution files and then save your project and close Studio. Move or rename the folder with the proxies so that when you reopen your project Studio will ask for their whereabouts. You then point Studio to your original, higher resolution files and render out your project. I hope this helps and you find that this makes a huge difference in the responsiveness of Studio as I have, You will find the process quite easy and quick once you have tried it.

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