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Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate performance woes

  •  03-26-2021, 3:08

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate performance woes


    I have also been using using quarter resolution proxy files when editing with Pinnacle Studio 23 or 24.Offline editing is the only way, on my system, to edit UHD material in any reasonable manner with this program. A seamless way to create and use proxy files is available in practically every other editing program and a feature that is now imperative for Studio to include. I will say that the editing experience is quite responsive and successful once the proxy files are generated and used on the timeline. I also use Handbrake to generate the proxies using Intel QSV hardware encoding, It is nice to be able to generate files with exactly the same name so that swapping the proxy files for the full resolution originals is made easier. Cineform proxy files work even better on my system but those take much longer to create. The issues with the titler do continue even with proxies. I do hope that they can get that sorted because they are actually pretty cool.


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