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Re: Jerky Page Curl Transition

  •  02-25-2021, 17:39

    Re: Jerky Page Curl Transition


    That behaviour appears to be an artefact (bug) caused by the introduction of those "stacked" sets of transitions (and also effects) with the double chevron. The transition or effect that shows when the "stack" is closed appears to be a "null" or "no preset" version that does nothing - and not some more-useful default as it may have been in an older Studio version.

    Probably needs someone with "connections" to report it as a bug...


    Thank you, Richard, for confirming my suspicions - I thought I was going mad!   

    Not sure about previous versions of Studio (as I migrated from Liquid Edition and Studio 9 way before that) but it would make sense to remove the “send to timeline” right-click option (and the ability to drag & drop) from the “Stack Header” and make them simply thumbnail “stack access” graphics. Alternatively a working option could be provided for a basic transition - which is what I thought I was selecting!

    To whom can we report the bug? Perhaps Jeff (jjn) knows?

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