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Re: Jerky Page Curl Transition

  •  02-25-2021, 10:47

    Re: Jerky Page Curl Transition

    Tony P:

    Which page curl?

    I tried in Peels Curls and Waves, PRO-Page Turn and BAS Page Peel. In Transitions, STB-Page Peel. They all work as they should.

    Are you talking about timeline playback or when you export and you see in the finished video this problem.


    Am having the problem both on timeline and on export as rendering is not taking place.  Location: Select Transitions then 2D-3D then Page Curl.  All the four Page Curls render (and therefore work) when you open them up by clicking the double right facing chevron >> but the basic Page Curl (before you reveal the four others by pressing >>) doesn’t seem to render, or show A>B preview and so jerks across from one image to the other when on the timeline. 

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