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Re: Jerky Page Curl Transition

  •  02-24-2021, 5:33

    Re: Jerky Page Curl Transition

    Tony P:

    On the timeline, does it play back ok? What are your timeline and Export settings?

    If you open Task Manager, you will see how much RAM is being used. I doubt that you are reaching your RAM limit unless the project is really long and you have a lot of other things running in the background.

    Apologies for delay in replying, Tony.

    To answer your points in order: No, the Page Curl transition doesn’t work on timeline. Export settings are Best quality; P/b optimisation: 60% (but still same if increased to 100%); Third party codecs unticked; Hardware Acceleration: Intel/Auto-Detect.  Task manager shows NGStudio: 1,145 Mb Memory use (but it is coloured dark yellow whereas all others are light yellow); CPU 0.5% at rest. 

    Standard dissolves work fine, so will try other transitions, perhaps on different mp4 files in case the mp4 I am using has strange anomalies within its container.

    UPDATE: Have just tried putting two simple jpg stills on timeline with same result: dissolve works fine but page curl still doesn’t - the curl jerks across.  Also when selecting page curl or some other 2D-3D transitions, they don’t change A>>B on Preview (Source) screen.

    More clues: On double clicking Page Curl, the other variations of Page Curl work (rendering takes place); ditto Page Peel; ditto Falling Crystals and Explode GPU; however the transition called Smooth has no variations on double-clicking and so does not work or show an A>>B change in preview.  Seems that the Top Level thumbnail transitions don’t work and are just headers - even though the option “Send to Timeline” appears on the right-click menu. Surely this can’t be right?

    Thanks again for your help. 

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