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Re: Cropping at the end of animated Zoom in

  •  01-29-2021, 18:42

    Re: Cropping at the end of animated Zoom in


    The pan-and-zoom will keep the proportions/aspect ratio of the frame, so you can't "crop" the top and bottom by zooming in more in the vertical than the horizontal...

    But what is the desired outcome of the crop?

    • Add black bars top and bottom (or reveal a background on a lower track)?
    • Distort the proportions of the zoomed image so it's stretched vertically but still fills the frame (for example to get rid of something unwanted near the top/bottom)?

    Assuming you're using PS23 or PS24, you can do either using the Properties controls; keyframe a crop top/bottom so it gradually applies throughout the zoom or "eases in" near to its end, or keyframe a change of the vertical size (unlink the horizontal/vertical size controls by clicking on the padlock icon beside the controls; at the beginnning of the zoom have vertical size=100 and at the end have the vertical size increased to whatever you need to push the unwanted stuff off the screen)


    Thanks for your help, Richard. Using PS24U. Re your bullet points: I am not trying to do either but wish to assume a “letterbox” A/R at the end of the zoom in so that it reveals some horizontal detail (text) high up on a building’s stonework.  However, if Pan & Zoom won’t allow cropping at the end of the zoom (a Future Feature Request, perhaps?), then I’ll certainly try your combination idea of using P&Z in tandem with keyframe Cropping. Thanks again.

    Footnote: Have now tried this method and, although rather tricky to set up (getting the balance right), it has achieved the effect I wanted. Thanks. JH. 

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