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Re: Painfully slow rendering in Pinnacle studio 18 Ultimate on a new laptop

  •  01-28-2021, 11:19

    Re: Painfully slow rendering in Pinnacle studio 18 Ultimate on a new laptop

    There is the slight possibity that the Graphics card drivers on your MSI aren't working with your version of PS. Have you checked them (both nVidia and Intel). Don't use Windows, use the card manufacture's website. But given the vintage of PS18, that's unlikely


    The HP is set to Cuda, I don't know why as it has integrated graphics and works well

    PS18 doesn't have autodetect, and ISTR that Cuda is the default and it's up to the user to set the correcct hardware.

    You say it has intergrated graphics, but are they the on-chip Intel HD graphics or part of the HP motherboard? Both can be described and "integrated".

    The whole point of shooting in interlaced frames is that I get smooth pans as opposed to horrid ratchet panning in 25p.

    Also bluray doesn't support 25p, but it does support 50i.

    Yes, I'm fully aware of that, it was suggested as a troubeshooting step. ISTR there was one version of PS that couldn't make working Blu-rays if it had an interlaced timeline, but made working discs if the timeline was progressive and you had the right sort of Blu-ray player.

    Looking at the specs of these machines is it possible that the speed of the render on the MSI laptop upsets Studio 18?

    I have no idea what you mean by this. I've run all versions of PS on a 4Ghz i7 and a GXT 1070Ti and haven't noticed it ever being being slower that my 2.6Ghz laptop with HD 520 graphics - it's always much faster. Do you think the laptop might be overheating? That wouldn't affect a short test, I would have thought.

    Are those utilisation figures  from when Studio is actually rendering? I'd guess not. When rendering on both machines, open the Task manager at the perfomance tab.

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