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Studio 14 work on Wins 10?

  •  01-22-2021, 14:20

    Studio 14 work on Wins 10?

    Hi I have Studio 14 and 16 Ultimate but theres a big change between 14 and 16 and I was quite happy with 14 on Win XP Im now on Win 10. The problem is I know it says 14 will not work on Win10 but the only thing that I see so far that does not work is when burning to disc it does not see the disc writers. It does see the same writers when I go to import from them but not when i go to burn?

    Did anybody get it to work on Win10, if so  how can I get it to recgonise the disc writers

    I tried to import the project to 16 and it worked to certain degree but things were missing like chapters eg. I find 16 a whole new learning project and find all the bits and pieces that I have learnt from studio 9 up to 14 I need to learn them again in the new format. I also tried compatible mode but it didnt help

    Is there any thing that I can do for 14 to work on Win 10. Thank you

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