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Re: Dazzle import problems after updating to Windows 10 version 20H2 or 2004

  •  01-05-2021, 2:17

    Re: Dazzle import problems after updating to Windows 10 version 20H2 or 2004

    Can I check if there has been any further progress on this matter? I've been holding off because of the various holidays involved, but I think I need to take this up with Corel myself in my role as a moderator of this forum.

    The situation as I see I is:

    • When the Windows 10 2004 and 20H0 updates were rolled out, this broke the "New" Dazzle hardware completely, so that it didn't work at all.
    • A new version of the software "Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle" was released. The device can now be properly recognised by this software, but even with the new software the audio levels drop dramatically when capture starts. There is also a suspicion of a DC offset/distortion on the audio.
    • The Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle software is a completely crippled bit of software, but you have to remove PS23 to install it and can't then re-install it over the top and retain the Dazzle function.
    • PS24 doesn't recognise the Dazzle, even when the "PS for D" software is installed.
    • Pinnacle support are refusing to offer refunds to anyone who bought the software over 30 days ago, and yet it is not fit for purpose and many people will have only opened the device on Christmas Morning as it was  present.
    • People were lead to believe that a fix was forthcoming, and yet there has been no acknoldgement of the further audio issues reported.
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