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Re: Closed Captioning

  •  01-03-2021, 18:32

    Re: Closed Captioning

    CCs are obligatory if you wish to upload your videos to Amazon Prime Video, as I do with my documentaries. They require an srt text file which is synced to the first frame of your video. This text file contains all the captions plus the in and out timecodes in a specific format.

    My method is first to upload my video to YouTube, taking care to make sure it is “Unlisted” (which means that it is not searchable or made public).  After a few days YouTube will have automatically generated a CC file in English.  Using the excellent YouTube Caption Editor, you then go through all the captions and correct them, putting capital letters in and correcting words that the system has misinterpreted etc.  This can take many hours (save frequently!) but is far quicker than typing everything in from scratch. Finally save your completed caption file to your computer.  Unfortunately YouTube no longer enable you to do this to an srt file, preferring an sbv caption file.  You next convert this to the required srt using an external site, eg https://gotranscript.com/subtitle-converter 

    The resulting srt file can then be used to sync to your videos on Prime Video or another platform.

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