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Re: Re:Aligning Clip Marker to a Timeline Marker

  •  12-09-2020, 2:30

    Re: Re:Aligning Clip Marker to a Timeline Marker


    Yes, I said it was a workround. I've been using it for about 10 years now.

    Liquid was made by Pinnacle and adopted, then dropped, by Avid. In case you hadn't noticed. Studio was rescued by Corel and Pinnacle is just a brand now. The programming team is based in Asia and the product management is totally different. So I don't think it would be a case of just copy and pasting a bit of code.

    Clip markers were almost dropped a few versions ago - they had become so buried into the interface you could hardly find them. Fortunately they were made easier to use in PS24, and maybe Corel might improve their usebility if it is suggested to them. This forum has a Feature Requests subsection and I'd certainly support any request you made there. But don't hold your breath :-)

    Being one of many intensive users of Liquid Edition (from before Avid’s brief acquisition) who mourned its demise after the XP 32-bit platform was superseded, I am fully aware of its history. After a time away from editing, I have returned and hoped Pinnacle Studio would embrace some of its forerunner’s user methods - which it does - to save re-learning techniques, keyboard shortcuts etc. Interesting points you make about the current Asian product management, by the way.

    I have made a request on that section of the Forum and thank you for your support of my desire to align clip and timeline markers by snapping.

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