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Waveform Goes Missing

  •  12-08-2020, 14:06

    Waveform Goes Missing

    I am puzzled!  In Studio 24U, I imported a 6 minute mp4 file to the timeline. It appeared correctly on Track 2, complete with its waveform throughout its length. I found my cutting point at c.5 mins 30 secs and cut the track.  The first part was to be unaltered so I just detached the audio from the cut to the end but in so doing the audio waveform was not evident on the detached track (see attached jpg screen snip).  I was replacing the track by similar music from the track (4) below (but without commentary from the original), so wanted to "mod-match" the two in situ (not in the editor) to get the relative waveforms alongside in sync. This I could not do (except by ear by playing the two audio tracks together and nudging the lower one into sync).

    Why did the waveform disappear from the detached audio track? Would it have happened if I had detached the audio of the whole original track first, and then made my cut? (At the risk of stating the obvious, I did have Show Waveform ticked on all tracks!)

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