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Re: Re:Importing Zoom Meeting Recording mp4 Files for Editing

  •  12-03-2020, 13:16

    Re: Re:Importing Zoom Meeting Recording mp4 Files for Editing

    Attachment: David Filmora.txt

    Nothing obviously wrong in this file should prevent PS from handling it correctly.
    The only thing I could think of is how the video and audio is packaged up into the .MP4 file - is the video and audio evenly spread through the whole file, or is the audio "all in a big lump" at the end of the file (which might slow things down if it's not on a solid state drive and the hard drive heads are having to continuously flick back and forth between reading bits of video and audio.

    The differences in the MediaInfo output are most likely only because mine was a lower resolution (1280x720 instad of 1920x1080).

    Thanks again - Not sure why the mp4 file would have the audio "all in a big lump" though, Richard!   [FYI: My S24U program files are on an SSD with media on a partitioned 1Tb HDD.]

    I have attached hereto the MediaInfo text file for the same video but this time it's the file that imported OK into PS.  You will recall I derived it by importing into Filmora and, without any editing, exported it straight out as an mp4 which Studio was happy to import and edit.  It obviously transcoded into a different "flavour" of mp4 which Studio finds acceptable.  There seem to be a few differences if you put the MediaInfo text files alongside - eg bitrate.

    Will definitely try ticking the "Optimizing for 3rd party editor" next time I host a Zoom meeting (on Monday).

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