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Re: Re:Importing Zoom Meeting Recording mp4 Files for Editing

  •  12-02-2020, 18:35

    Re: Re:Importing Zoom Meeting Recording mp4 Files for Editing


    FYI the attached text file from MediaInfo shows what file propereties Zoom produced for one of the meetings I recorded when a recording was set up to produce files compatible with video editors.

    It is H.264 coded, with a constant 25fps frame ratye, and a mono AAC audio channel. Pulling the file into Studio 24, no undue delays are observed when scrubbing, staring/stopping playback - and the audio waveform only took a few seconds to appear after adding the file to Studio's timeline


    That’s  really helpful, Richard.  I will look at mine tomorrow.  

    Question: After a Zoom meeting I let Zoom “prepare” the cloud recording in the background. When it says it has finished it gives me the chance to download the resultant mp4 file. Presumably this is the non-Studio-compatible non-fixed frame rate version with the smaller file size. At what point, and how, do I tell it to give me a Studio-compatible constant frame rate H.264 coded mp4 file? I cannot see options for this. Note: I am downloading the recording made “in the cloud” by Zoom - not a local recording. 

    Thanks again for your help.

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