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Importing Zoom Meeting Recording mp4 Files for Editing

  •  12-02-2020, 13:05

    Importing Zoom Meeting Recording mp4 Files for Editing

    Currently I am hosting many Zoom meetings and record most of them to the Zoom Cloud. They are generally about an hour long. After “processing”, Zoom produces mp4 files which I download to my computer for editing.  I have successfully imported these to Studio 24U and placed it on the timeline.  Then I have a problem: Firstly the audio waveform takes ages to write and I get no response when I try to play the hour-long clip, no matter where the play head is. I leave it for some minutes and suddenly it jumps into life and plays: move the play head again and it will again only play after a minute or so.  Editing is impossible. 

    So what is going on here? I have a workaround: I import the Zoom mp4 track into my previous [simple] editor (Wondershare Filmora 9), place it on its timeline and, without editing, export it as mp4. This produces a larger mp4 file than the original (half as big again) but, if I now import THIS mp4 file into Studio 24U, I can edit it with no problem before exporting it, again as an mp4 file.

    Are there various codecs for mp4 files, as clearly mp4’s are not all the same. Of course it is a container so maybe the Zoom mp4, which is smaller, contains less information than required By Studio. 

    Would be grateful to anyone who knows what’s going on here. Thanks.


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