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Re: Re:Connecting Canon Camcorder to Win 10 Laptop

  •  11-29-2020, 11:43

    Re: Re:Connecting Canon Camcorder to Win 10 Laptop


    ...In Studio 24U I wanted to tidy up a half hour Zoom presentation, which Zoom recorded in mp4 format. When I downloaded it from the Zoom cloud and loaded onto onto a timeline track, rendering started immediately and was indicated to be for the whole 30 min file.

    In Studio 24's control panel - the "Export and Preview" page, ensure that the "Optimization Threshold" isn't all the way up at 100 (which is the installation-default - and means "render everyting" regardless of whether it actually needs it or not)!

    IMO you have two approaches to how to control the background rendering:

    • Pull "optimization threshold" all the way down to zero, so background rendering for preview is turned off
    • Set to some value (possibly between 50 and 80) that "works best for you" - such that added clips that have no effects applied to them aren't rendered unnecessarily, but where ther are applied effects that make the clips difficult to play back smoothly in real time, the background rendering does occur.

    I believe that there are some odd cases reported where rendering still kicks off for no apparent reason (possibly due to bugs or something weird about certain footage)?

    FWIW I normally keep background rendering off (preview optimisation = 0) as for the simple editing I do there aren't many times when the un-rendered footage won't preview smoothly...


    Really appreciate your additional help, Richard - will do as you suggest.  J. 

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