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Re: Pan and Zoom with Green Screen Effect

  •  11-10-2020, 19:00

    Re: Pan and Zoom with Green Screen Effect


    I know how to use basic Pan and Zoom effects.  I also know how to use basic Green Screen effect.  I am wondering if anyone has experience with pan and zoom on foreground object while keeping green screen background effect realistically proportional to foreground object?

    What outcome are you wanting to create?

    1. The foreground object appearing to move, including seeming to move closer to and further away from the camera, while the background stays constant?
    2. The foreground and background are "tied together"; for example if you are using the pan & zoom to get rid of rubbish that you don't want to see in the picture, and are wanting the subject's size and the background's size to keep in step?
    • If (1) - apply the pan & zoom and chroma key to just rhe foreground (green-screened) subject, and leave the background video/image on the track underneath unaltered (of course you can still use a static pan & zoom, 2D editor, properties etc. to show just a part of a larger background picture)
    • If (2) - apply the same pan & zoom effect to both the foreground (green-screened) subject and to the background video/image on the track underneath. Provided that you keep the amount of zoom/size unchanged, you can still use keyframing of the position to keep the green-screened subject if it didn't stay quite in the right place in the frame when recorded...


    Thank you very much for this explanation. 

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