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Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD and Windows 10 64 bit

  •  11-09-2020, 5:52

    Re: Re:Dazzle DVD Recorder HD and Windows 10 64 bit

    Well I see it is over 2 years since I last posted about this problem, and unfortunately it is back again with me but in a different form.

    I am still able to capture video and audio from my Pinnacle Dazzle HD unit, but the result is that it loses so many dropped frames that the result is worthless.  It is a while since I used my VHS recorder, so I checked it over with a direct SCART connection to the TV and everything is perfect - no jitter or dropping of frames while in playback mode.

    I happen to have acquired a second Dazzle HD capture unit, so tried that but the results are the same.  So then I installed the Pinnacle for Dazzle software on a different computer and again the results are the same. I also tried Captureflux but this is still not giving me a video stream to select (see above) and Debut did not work either.  I have tried turning off Wi-Fi so as to reduce the load on the CPU, but even when running at only 30 or 40% (mostly Pinnacle usage), with over 50% of RAM available the dropped frame rate just counts up rapidly all the time.

    Anybody have any suggestions please? 

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