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audio problems

  •  09-06-2020, 23:36

    audio problems

    playing preview vid by hitting l key will not play any audio unless i hit l key twice (most times) sometime it plays after first key stoke but hit k and then hit l again: no sound, hit l again while vid is playing sound comes on. This is for all timeline sounds.

     hitting space bar is hit and miss mostly no sound. 

    using the play button under playback window mostly audio ok but not always.

    Export to pc: everything is ok vid, sound, sync no probs.

    Must be my pc because it started happen on ps20u i think (could be earlier) continued in 22/23 and now in just full installed 24u (deleted everything related to pinnacle with revo pro). 

    It could even have started after building new pc.

    wound anybody have an idea what could be wrong here?

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