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Re: Studio 24 released

  •  08-24-2020, 10:04

    Re: Studio 24 released


    No, none of the New Blue plug-ins are included.

    If you have PS23 installed when you upgrade they (and other previous plug-ins) should become availble in 24, but I don't know what the official situation is with earlier versions.

    I might be a bit slow to understand but if I understand Correctly where I am installing on a NEW Win10 machine PSU, if I have PSU 23 installed first then the following Plugins should appear in Effects with the PSU 24:

    New Blue: Art Effects; Film Effects; Paint Effects; Stabilizer; Video Essentials: 2,3,4,5,6 &7;

    Red Giant Filmmakers toolkit; Red Giant Motion Graphics Toolkit

    If not how many versions back would I need to go to get these without having to repurchase or install older versions of PS. On my win 7 machine I have v14 thru 23 installed and I was hoping not to have to install very many versions on the Win 10 machine. 

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