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Re: Re:No sound after import

  •  07-06-2020, 15:28

    Re: Re:No sound after import

    Thank you for your answer, can I add this codec or do I need to re-install my computer with another version off Windows 10 and if so which version do i need to use?

    Windows 10 Enterprise might work, provided it has the multimedia features installed. Do you have the multimedia apps (such as Films & TV, Groove Music, Windows Media Player. If you do have the multimedia apps, can the Films & TV app play your source videos with sound? If you do not see any multimedia features, you might be able to add them (in "Apps and Features | Optional Features" loof for something like "Media feature pack". If things still can't be made to work, I would suggest using Windows 10 Pro instead (keeps a lot of the configuration options for Windows that you don't get in Home)...

    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC will not work with Studio as the multimedia features are missing and cannot be added (the LTSC variant is aimed at specialised applications where long-term reliability is paramount and it is not a platform on which consumer apps would be expected to be used). Again, I would suggest using Windows 10 Pro.


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