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I think I'm getting too old

  •  07-01-2020, 15:53

    I think I'm getting too old


    I've not used Pinnacle Studio for a while but when I tried to last night I had a couple of problems that I can't resolve.  They are:

    1.  I get no sound from within the program.  The level bars move to the sound but nothing comes out of the speakers.  When the video is created, the mpg plays perfectly with sound.  All other programs have sound.  I have checked the settings an can find nothing wrong.

    2. I can't change the level of the sound in the clips by adding a handle to the green line and dragging it to a different level. I think I am doing something wrong because I made it work once but I can't repeat it.

    Can anyone help me with these issues, please?

    I am using Studio 19.




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