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Re: Render Issues with Newest 23U Patches

  •  06-22-2020, 5:37

    Re: Render Issues with Newest 23U Patches

    I have tried a test here - using a project structure the same as shown in the Youtube video (2 .JPG files with effects + title overlay) - and project settings as close as I can get them to what was shown at the end (I only have a single monitor)

    I am not observing the issues; there is no delay after the background render completes before the green bar disappears, and the rendering is not re-triggered by saving/reopening the project.

    With regard to to the auto-detect of the hardware acceleration picking AMD - I recall someone else mentioning that in another forum; this might possibly be a bug in the auto-detect algorithm (not working properly with older Intel CPUs?). However, watching GPU usage during a background render operation does not inform you whether that particular hardware acceleration setting is working; that hardware acceleration is related to the encoding of video coded using H.264 or H.265, whereas the preview render files are MPEG-2 and always rendered using a software codec. (There is one side-effect of choosing "None" - it switches off the use of any available hardware video decoders too). The GPU activity you are observing in that is most likely due just to Studio's use of the displays + any 2D/3D graphics acceleration (DirectX, OpenGL etc.) that might be called upon while rendering the effects applied to the two .JPG images - I can't explain why that usage is higher when the hardware acceleration setting is "AMD"!

    What graphic driver version are you using? On my Gigabyte GB-BRi5H-8250 ultra-small PC I experienced stability issues when I used the "latest" driver downloaded directly from Intel; going back to the one currently provided on Windows Update for my graphic hardware (the version installed is resolved those issues.

    An uninstall/reinstall of Studio might help (after uninstalling, manually remove any stray files/folders left behind - it may also be worth checking for other weirdness such as permissions of the folder where Studio is saving the render files, also if the Windows setting to update files' "last accessed" date/time has been turned on (if you are running Windows 10 build 2004 it's on by default - you definitely do not want that turned on if your system drive is an SSD as it will cause a whole load of unnecessary wear (by constantly re-writing directory entries)!!


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