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Re: Is patch safe to install?

  •  06-19-2020, 6:52

    Re: Is patch safe to install?


    Gee, thanks.

    You're welcome.

    You could try turning the update frequency to Monthly and then resetting the program, but I'm sure a good beta tester can work something out.

    Sure, no biggy

    Run: regedit:


    Change Build value to last three numbers of the version that it is trying to install with the nag, my chase 297

    Change Version value to the version that it is trying to install, my chase

    Nag screen gone.

    But why should the regular consumer have to jump through these loops, editing Windows registry, is not something that I'd recommend.

    Interesting exercise, but not recommended, Also notice, HKEY is Avid\Studio 23, not Corel, humm. ;-) 

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