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Re: Re:Dual Layer DVD

  •  06-18-2020, 17:53

    Re: Re:Dual Layer DVD

    The video option I have always had set is "auto detect", but I see there are a number of other options I could choose: 4 PAL and 4 NTSC options, 2 standard and 2 widescreen options each. (My video came from a VHS 4.3 ratio).

    If you are in the USA - your 4:3 aspect ratio DVD should be created as "NTSC Standard" (4:3, 29.97fps); some DVD players (espeecially older/cheaper ones) will reject discs of other standards (e.g. PAL (25fps)). If you find that the disc plays OK in computers, but not in that set-top player - that could well be what has happened...

    Provided that Studio's timeline setting is correct (click the gear-wheel icon above the timeline to check), the exporter's "Auto detect" should get things right. But if the project's settings are set automatically by the first clip added, Studio can be fooled if the first thing added to the project wasn't a video clip - and may have chosen a PAL (25fps) setting... If that has happened, correct the project timeline settings, save the project and try exporting again.

    Tip: Create a disc image instead of burning directly to disc immediately - you can check that the image plays OK and the chapter navigation etc. is all "as you want it" using media player software such as VLC Player before burning to disc (either using Studio's exporter (choose "burn image") or use external (third-party) disc burning software.


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