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Re: Is patch safe to install?

  •  06-18-2020, 7:03

    Re: Is patch safe to install?

    ...and you were asking where you could download the patch. If you are connected to the internet you will be prompted when a patch is available (you can control the frequency of the check), or can ask manually, via the help (?) menu. The only reason you would be told there was not one was if you were running the current version. Going to a webpage to find a patch is so 2010, don't your think?

    Gee, thanks. Using this method; now by every start of Studio I get a nag screen asking if I want to install the update, and yes I've set it to manual check.

    Used it to get a 'fresh copy' of the patch to store, however how do I get rid of the nag screen? Haven't installed the copy of the patch.

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