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Is patch safe to install?

  •  06-16-2020, 4:37

    Is patch safe to install?

    Not a newbie to Pinnacle installs, however after getting Studio 23 U. DVD yesterday and doing a standard all install, I feel like one.

    After installing everything and letting it do the update, S23 would not start. Only after uninstalling everything and doing a new install, customizing .

    Do I now have the product that I purchased, it is now at the level that came on the DVD. I now hesitate to update it while it took sometime to clean it up for the 2nd install.

    Haven't dug into the program to much, but have imported 30 minutes of DV material from an older Sony camcorder, set up watch folders, exported a 3 min 4K film from my Zino drone.

    So more or less it is working I guess, but the program seems to have some bugs, that should have stopped the premature release, at least that when something as simple as Tool Tips not working,

    One wonders what was going on during the beta testing. I should know a little about that, I was one of them from Studio 9 through Studio 16 and we never (Pinnacle of course) okayed so a buggy  release as I'm seeing on

    That DVD that showed up in the post yesterday,   Plus, just had a look around these forums and it would seem Corel has turned beta testing over to its customers.

    So back to my question, that is if anyone has read this far in my rant,  Is patch safe to install?

    PS, would like to say hello to any of you older beta testers, I am sure some of you are still around. This is my first post for awhile. ;-)

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